The eThekwini Municipality’s Health Unit would like to remind industries who were previously in possession of certificates of registration issued under the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act (APPA) that they need to apply for an Air Emissions licence (AEL) in terms of the National Environmental Management Act: Air Quality Act (NEMA:AQA)

In this regard, under the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act (45 of 1965) (APPA), all industrial facilities that were operating a scheduled process were legally required to obtain a registration certificate for each process. With the repeal of APPA on 1 April 2010, the transitional arrangements in respect of all registration certificates issued in terms of APPA came into effect (Section 61 of the NEMA:AQA). 

All valid registration certificates were deemed to be Atmospheric Emission Licences (AELs) and were considered to be valid for a period of four years. All holders of these deemed AELs are required to make application for renewal of these licences within three years that is by 31 March 2013. With this deadline fast approaching, we are encouraging all stakeholders affected by this transitional arrangement to make the necessary renewal applications with the eThekwini Atmospheric Emission Licensing Authority. 

For more information and application forms, stakeholders are directed to contact the Atmospheric Emission Licensing Team on 031 311 3654/ 3113574/ 3113646/ 3113553/ 3113656 or or

Your attention is drawn to the fact that failure to apply for conversion/ renewal before 31 March 2013 will result in the expiry of the validity of the AEL. Please note that it is considered an offence to operate a listed activity without an AEL. The penalties associated with such an offence are detailed in Section 52 of the NEMA: AQA. 

Your co-operation in completing this transitional phase will be greatly appreciated.