Given the fact that the weekend weather was good and it being the last “holiday” weekend, beach attendance remained high over the past weekend and the number is expected to increase further this coming weekend as a results of a number of high profile events, including the African National Congress (ANC) January 8 Statement rally, the 2013 Volvo Golf Champions Tournament and the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations 10 Day countdown.

Last weekend (04 – 06 January 2013), over 123 500 people visited various beaches, 61 rescues were carried out and 3 400 people had to be given first aid for different medical reasons. No drowning incident was reported.

The Municipality’s Festive Season Management Committee (FESMAC) Chairman, Christo Swart said, with a number of major events taking place in the City, the FESMAC operational plan has been extend up until the second week of January.

“For us the holiday season is not over yet, we are still having a high volume of people streaming in to our beaches. The past weekend started very slow but after lunch time our beaches were packed to capacity. Our FESMAC operational plan is still in place and we will continue to ensure the safety of our visitors and bathers at the beach. We plead to those who are still streaming in to our City to co-operate with the Law Enforcement Officers,” said Swart.

Today the hotels and B&B’’s are averaging 65% occupancy rate and it is expected to increase to 100% over the weekend.

Approximately 5247 armbands were issued to children coming to the beachfront. All separated children were reunited with their guardians. Parents are urged to ensure that children are always under adult supervision when swimming at the beaches.