A positive development has emerged in the aftermath of drug related violence that broke out at Albert Park, on Sunday, 8 September 2013, where one person was killed, numerous others injured and 27 people arrested.

A number of individuals from this group have been approaching City officials stationed at this location requesting professional help. The Municipality has in turn enlisted assistance from the Department of Social Welfare and SAPS. Twenty six individuals were accepted at rehabilitation centres in Durban and the Municipality is working with the Department to find accommodation for more.
Mr Thabo Mofokeng said, “The City has undertaken profiling of the community in Khuzimpi Street Road reserve commonly known as Whoonga Park. Most of the people interviewed were South Africans. The foreign nationals were reluctant to be interviewed. Drugs seemed to be the main issue why most of the people gather at this space.” 
He added, “Currently the Municipality is working together with Department of Social Development, SAPS, Metro Police, Railway Police, Safer Cities, Ward Committees and the Community to address the key challenges in this area. The City is also looking into a partnership with other NGO’s who are willing to assist.”
Metro Police Spokesman, Senior Supt Eugene Msomi, said, “The incident on Sunday afternoon is sincerely regretted. The Metro Police will continue deploying enhanced presence at Albert Park until the situation normalises. The City will continue to monitor the situation and facilitate assistance to those who require help. The problem regarding the sale of drugs will be dealt with in conjunction with the SAPS.”
For more information contact Thabo Mofokeng on 031 311 4820 / 082 731 7456 or email Thabo1.mofokeng@durban.gov.za or Senior Supt. Eugene Msomi on 072 8401 031 or email eugene.msomi@durban.gov.za
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality's Communications Unit. Contact Sohana Singh on 031 311 4805 or email: sohana.singh@durban.gov.za