Following a march staged by the DA on Tuesday, 16/04/13, raising concerns about allegations of corruption and housing in the City, the Mayor would like to bring the following to attention:
The Municipality adopted a Council Resolution to do away with the waiting lists for the provision of RDP houses. This resolution was taken because the waiting lists raised high expectations among beneficiaries who expected that they would be provided with a house immediately, which is not always the case.
Waiting lists also did not have specific timeframes to determine when a person would receive a house. In most instances, it was discovered that by the time the person on the waiting list was due to be allocated a house, he/she would either be relocated or already owns a house or sometimes deceased.
It must also be noted that Councillors are not involved at any stage in the allocation processes and it is only Municipal officials who are responsible for allocation. Councillors only help in facilitating the process. There is a fair and open Allocation Policy that is being used by Council to allocate houses to beneficiaries. This Policy was recently adopted by Council.
The Municipality is not aware of any housing contracts which were corruptly awarded, but we would welcome details of such allegations so that they could be investigated. Bid adjudication committees cannot be open to public.
It is one of the City’s desires to bring our citizens closer to economic hubs and amenities, however there is not enough land to build houses closer to such centres.
The Cornubia Human Settlements Project is one of the good examples to showcase how the City would like to implement integrated and self sufficient projects. In many areas the Municipality has built high-rise projects and is even exploring the alternative technology to fast track housing delivery.
Regarding the appointment of “an internationally competitive” Head of the Human Settlements Unit, the Municipality advertises vacant positions and interested candidates apply. Appointments are made based on skills required for the post and the idea of head-hunting is discouraged.
Lastly, in cases where land or Municipal property is invaded, the Municipality always follow proper procedures by obtaining a court order and evicting those responsible. Only people who have been moved from the way of services are provided with alternative accommodation.
For more information contact Thabo Mofokeng on 031 311 4820 / 082 731 7456 or email
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality's Communications Unit. Contact Gugu Mdlalose on 031 311 4807 or email: