The Municipality wishes to notify the public that they intend to remove 18 Norfolk Pine trees, in excess of 30m tall, which currently line the edge of Bulwer Park along Helen Joseph Road. This forms part of the Bulwer Park Framework Plan which proposed the development and upgrade of the park into one that serves the needs of the community better. A foot path connecting various areas of the park and an outdoor gym were the first to be recently complete, as was the refurbishment of a tractor and a steam roller for children to clamber on.
The Norfolk Pine trees were identified for removal for safety amongst other reasons.
“Due to rot and age, a number of older trees within the park have fallen in recent months. As the trees in question are already leaning heavily, there is great concern that the trees will fall towards the adjacent properties,” explained Johnathan Edkins, Head of the City Architecture Unit. “As a result of the height of these trees there is also an additional risk for them to be struck by lightning – the most recent incident being 22 September 2012.”
The Norfolk Pines are also classified as exotics and, as such, hold no ecological value within the Park. “As part of the overall upgrade of the Park, exotics were identified for removal to both thin out the park canopy and to allow the indigenous planting to come through. The removal of the Norfolk Pines is one step in restoring the Park’s vegetation closer to the original Coastal Forest that the older indigenous trees once formed part of,” said Edkins. “An additional benefit will be that the tree stumps will have time to rot for easy removal before further developmental works take place.”
The removal of the trees will also allow better views of the park from the residential units nearby, allowing for passive surveillance of the park.
The Municipality would like to assure residents that the removal of trees is not taken lightly and due consideration is given when decision are taken to remove any vegetation.
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality, Communications Unit. Contact Thabo Mofokeng on 031 311 4820 or email
For further information contact Sohana Singh on 031 311 4805 or email