Blue Lagoon Park is ready and opened to the public in time for the Dusi Canoe Marathon this weekend.
“Sunkist Beach and Country Club Beach were opened to the public in December 2012 and the final touches were attended to at Blue Lagoon Park which was opened in its entirety to the public this week,” said project manager, Mike Andrews.
The area has been under construction for the past year as the Municipality sought to upgrade the Park, reinforce and grass the river banks, build the cycle lane connecting to the Riverside Bird Park, and beautify the area with indigenous landscaping and lighting. The foot path has been repaved and extended for those who love to a take a lazy stroll along the river’s edge.
The upgrade has made a huge difference to the area that the public will be able to enjoy at their leisure, whether they like to walk, jog, cycle, picnic, fish, or just relax after a long day.
Rafik and Thasmia Aboobaker, who were enjoying a relaxing afternoon, fishing at the river banks yesterday, commended the Municipality for upgrading the area. “Grassing the river banks has made it so much easier for us to fish here safely,” they said. “We can sit on the grass and cast our rods safely, without having to climb over the rocks. The area is nice and neat and clean now. We hope people will keep it that way.” They looked forward to the opening of the seaside of Blue Lagoon when they could fish off the pier.
The seaside of Blue Lagoon though will still be under construction until end of May.
Traffic management for Dusi Canoe Marathon
Blue Lagoon will be turned into a one way route to accommodate the numerous spectators of the Dusi Canoe marathon. The entrance to the parking will be in Stiedle Road, near the Engen garage, and the exit near the M4 freeway.
Parking for the Dusi Canoe Marathon is available in the Coconut Grove area, and the new parking lot on the sea side of Blue Lagoon will be open temporarily for parking as well. Metro Police will also be on hand to direct and assist motorists.
The Municipality appeals to motorists not to park or drive on newly planted grassed areas, as this will hamper the establishment of the turf.
Parking on sidewalks will also be strictly monitored by the Metro Police officers.
Issued by the eThekwini Communications Unit.