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20 Years of Freedom and Democracy
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20 Years of Freedom and Democracy
Inadequate support from the local government authorities in provision of facilities and resources for community crime prevention efforts
Most community people have already built structures for effective coordination of members for community-based crime prevention acativities.Most communities have community associations where members meet regularly to report and evaluate security situation and crime prevention activitiesIn most cases, issues relating to security and crime prevention are reported to the State police and other security agencies especially when they are considered to be be more than what the community associations could handle.Police-community collaboration and provision of resources by the government.Yes. I will be willing to participate.
the city should focus more in renovating old buildings and south beach expecial
we need serious investers not people who are turning our city to a townshippermit to all vendersThe City is losing value right now. we need big planning fist the city must priorty South African black business before  it is given to other people from outside the courty. the direct investment must be cutted out eThekwini security are working much better that those people who are giben tenders. they work much better then metro Policei would be highly happy to be part of this
lack of participation from all stakeholders in safety and crime prevention, shortage of manpower (Policing), unemployment and manipulation of economy by few who are controlling or manipulating our exchange rate
through local economic development programmes the city is trying to involve all stakeholders, community business,creation of SMMES and city clean up programmes etcthere are forums where all head of departments meets, ward committee structures where councilors account, Mayors and city Managers forums where there look at avhievements and reports backethekwini Municipality is far ahead , it has so many programmes like vision 2030 which aim to make eThekwini Africa Liveable and Caring city through all the initiatives they have startededucation about crime prevention, involvement of All stakeholders and the importance of building a safety city which will attract tourist local and internationalyes
Lack of policing authorities, Lack of control in Strategic areas like the Point and Albert Park Precinct, Corrupt Policing authorities, Lack of CCTC surveillance strategies, Lack of good leadership in higher levels of authorities, Lack of vision by leaders, Not having the type of leaders that can take our city to the next level.
City Planning, urban regeneration, remuneration packages, reward initiatives, surveillance strategies, etc.iTrump Better Buildings Committee, Joint Inspections with key role players, Relationships with the courts for speedy action, Core team to deal with city regeneration.At a very high level through the iTrump Better Buildings programme.  With a  core team in place to profile, monitor, prepare reports and notices, attend strategic meetings with role players, stakeholders and legal to ensure an effective outcome.Core Team with key role players employed for specific situations and outcomes, Advertising initiatives to assist buildings to gain money to alleviate debt and recover money to fix buildings, Strict enforcement of bylaws.No thank you, but it would be good to host the Chair of the Better Buildings Committee Head: Mr Hoosen Moolla (Senior Manager iTrump - 031 322 4770 and 072 7575 252) who can elaborate on all stated above.
Street kids and baggers in all our city roads.
Deal with foreign influx and force building owners to allow South Africans to do their own businesses at an affordable rent, Parkistanians and Chinas are destroying the good image of our City of Ethekwini.I don't think is there any, criminals and thiefs are relaxing in slums and hostels.Not sureReinstate law and order by dealing with dugs, stolen buildings and angage private business to deal with image of the city in terms of fading and desserted buildings occupied by foreign criminals.Yes, our leaders in Africa m,ust allow democracy to take control, allow people to express themselves so that peace prevail in Africa, in that case people will stop leaving their Countries not knowing their destination.
crime and un employment

E P W P Has employed more and more security for the city councilin all level and all communities are involvedpoeple who are capable of doing things for them selves yes definatly sure will love too participate
The high rate of drug abuse among the youth, the high rate of street children and the killing of police while on duty and woman abuse by their police partners/ husbands.
 Safer City suivillian cameras that are monitered 24 hours, working in hand with policing department, metro police on bikes, horses, helicopter working together.Conducting a Readiness Assessment, Selecting Key Indicators to Monitor Outcomes, Planning forImprovement —
Selecting Results,Targets, The Role of Evaluations Using Findings Agreeing on Outcomes to Monitor and Evaluate Data.
our Ethekwini Municipality still has a room for improvement, due to the number of street children and crime and abuse of woman and chilren as well as the drug abuse among our youth.Schools, shopping malls, parks, beaches, yes
Lack of Police visibility which is an indication of police collusion with criminals, Extreme Robberies, Gross reckless driving and illegal stopping of mini buses in the City also hampering free flow of the traffic and which is condoned by police forces.
In brief Safety and crime prevention is not a priority of the City.
There is no doubt that the City possesses all the necessary skills to fight crime but there is an unwillingness to do so.There are camerasbeing managed at Disaster Unit but are not effective because we see no resoponses to the above mentioned challenges.I understand that there are committes entrusted with the above mentioned responsibilities but the question is about effective and competent skills to address these challenges Empower the internal stakeholders with necessary knowledge of what is expected from them to deal with safety issues and escalating crime within the City of eThekwini Municipality.
Ensure that there is accontability by all entrusted with this function
Yes I will be willing.
Robberies and theft in the city is ridiculous, muggings are like a daily occurance. you cant even drive with your windows open! ive been a victim while walking and in the car. even f your window is open a little thieves will force it open and demand your valubles, by knife if your lucky and not gun.
more visible policing, and heavier sentences. more policemen on the streets vecause there are far too many criminals. more cctv cameras and people reporting from the camera room to policmen on the streets. i would assume at a very low level. yes, definatley

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