Cifal Durban Conference Declaration : May 2005 Observations and recognitions

  • The world is a global village in which ICT is an enabler and cross-cutting platform/framework for growth and development.
  • Africa is disadvantaged in global competitive ICT activities.
  • African economies are in a transitional stage with characteristics of poverty, urbanisation and governance challenges.
  • Cities are potential hubs of innovation, ideas and information diffusion, as well as centres for economic growth and integration.
  • Sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals can best be achieved through institutions and the development of local solutions to solve local problems.
  • Imperative to foster partnerships, for example, G2G, G2C, G2B, and so on, in planning and development of ICT implementation.
  • With these observations, we the participants of the Cifal Durban ICT Training Programme, resolved as follows: 


  • The customisation of ICT for poverty reduction in Africa.
  • Acceptance by African governments and municipalities of the place of ICT in promoting good governance and economic growth.
  • Strengthening of corporate social responsibility, albeit private sector involvement in empowerment, enrichment and enhancement of Africa.
  • Introduction of preferential (lower cost) ICT pricing policy for Africa governments to bridge the digital divide.
  • Pursuit of rural telephony and provision of smart exchanges for enhanced access to ICT for rural transformation.
  • Adoption of ICT sector-programmes in the transformation of African economies, societies and public service delivery.
  • Intensification and refocusing of African city to city co-operation for ICT within the context of the sustainable Nepad Cities Programme.
  • Deepening of partnerships for Small, Medium and Micro enterprise (SMMEs) development through support for ICT incubators and innovation centres.
  • Alignment of ICT solutions to local economic peculiarities, competencies and vision.  Innovation and utilisation of African ICT solutions in the management of local development challenges. 


This declaration was adopted by the delegates of African municipalities and local actors at the Cifal Durban ICT Training Session held between 17-19 May, 2005.