The Operational Indicators Section is a new addition to the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Unit. The focus of this section is monitoring and evaluating operational areas of municipal service delivery in eThekwini. The work undertaken is not within the ambit of legislative compliance for local government. 

The purpose is as follows: 
  • To provide analysis of key operational areas to identify and address challenges;
  • To monitor and evaluate the efficacy of the Municipality’s response to public and media feedback; and
  • To provide a platform for improving municipal services by benchmarking against the private sector and other State bodies.

In fulfilling the above, this section is able to provide management with information for decision-making on improving service delivery in eThekwini Municipality.

A key project that is being undertaken by this Section is the development of a performance dashboard for eThekwini Municipality. The dashboard aims to measure and monitor activities and processes needed for management to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction. ​

Please contact us for more details:

Orisha Jaganath
031 – 322 7207 

Leonie Gounden
031 – 322 7221