Individual Performance Management of Senior Managers (including Section 57) at the eThekwini Municipality is a strategic human resources process aimed at attaining individual objectives in order to ensure that their contribution adds value to the performance of the organization.
It has long been recognised that performance needs to be managed in order to improve and that Individual Performance Management should no longer be seen as solely an appraisal forms filling exercise of little relevance to performance improvement which was only the role and the responsibility of human resources.
Performance Management as a system of integrated attempts to improve performance have now taken a centre stage as a profound management tool to plan, monitor, evaluate and report on the performance of eThekwini Municipality and its municipal entities.
Individual Performance Management empowers employees to use their skills and knowledge to perform their jobs in a productive manner.It also provides management with an acceptable and agreed upon process to review and assess employee’s performance to ensure that the organization achieves its intended goals.
Individual Performance Management department as the integral part of the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PME) strives to be a centre of excellence in the implementation of a prescribed integrated Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System to improve performance of Ethekwini Municipality and its employees.
Individual Performance Management (IPM) department is responsible for the management of the following processes:
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