• Gift Register for all gifts received by all staff
All members of staff are required to declare all gifts received irrespective of the estimated value of the gift. Failure to comply constitutes misconduct and non-compliance will lead to the disciplinary action. All staff members must update the gift register if they receive a gift, irrespective of the staff member declining the gift.
According to council policy on gifts, even if a gift has been received and registered by the recipient, it should not be used until and unless accepted by the recipient’s superior official. The “acceptance of any commission, remuneration or reward” by a staff member from anyone other than the Municipality for or in connection with the performance or non performance of duties is strictly not allowed.
Section 47 of the eThekwini Municipality SCM policy states that, (except for gifts less than R350 in value) no person may promise, offer or grant –
  • Any inducement or reward to the municipality for or in connection with the award of a contract; or
  • Any reward, gift, favour or hospitality to any official or any other role player involved in the implementation of the supply chain management policy.​